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Breathing Necklace - FREE SHIPPING


Instant Calming Effect: This anxiety necklace is perfect for Daily Use. Fit for Anxiety Sufferers or anyone with panic attacks. Use whenever needed. Comes with a Spinner. It is designed as both a breathing necklace and a fidget spinner. The spinner has a Braille Code which spells “Breathe”.


Silent when in use: Perfect as a calming necklace. Made of Medical-Grade Stainless Steel. Durable minimalist design.

Designed to control breathing and prolong exhale. This anxiety breathing tool replaces the old breathing bag. Ease anxiety and panic attacks naturally, without any side effects. This necklace for anxiety is small and can always be worn and kept nearby.

SpinBreathe - The Dual-Function Whistle Necklace and Fidget Spinner

  • Type: Pendant
    Colors: steel, Rainbow, rose gold, and black
    Material: titanium stainless steel
    Chain length: 70 cm
    Length of the whistle: 6 cm
    Width of the whistle: 0.8 cm

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