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StressLess Ring - FREE SHIPPING


This anti-anxiety rotating chain titanium steel ring is designed to help you find peace and calm in the midst of a busy and stressful day. Made from durable and high-quality titanium steel, this ring is built to last and withstand daily wear and tear.


The unique rotating chain design of the ring allows you to spin the outer band, giving you something to fidget with or focus on when you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed. The smooth and fluid motion of the chain helps to soothe the mind and ease anxiety.


Whether you're at work, at school, or just going about your daily activities, this ring can provide a comforting and grounding presence. Its simple and understated design makes it a versatile accessory that can be worn by anyone, anywhere.


Invest in your mental health and well-being with our anxiety-rotating chain titanium steel ring. It's a small but powerful tool that can help you manage your anxiety and find moments of calm throughout the day.

StressLess Ring - Rotating Chain Titanium Steel Ring

€ 12,50Price
  • Number Finger circumference Inner ring diameter
    6 1.97 inch/50 mm 0.63 inch/16 mm
    7 2.09 inch/53 mm 0.67 inch/17 mm
    8 2.20 inch/56 mm 0.71 inch/18 mm
    9 2.36 inch/60 mm 0.75 inch/19 mm
    10 2.48 inch/63 mm 0.79 inch/20 mm
    11 2.60 inch/66 mm 0.83 inch/21 mm
    12 2.72 inch/69 mm 0.87 inch/22 mm
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