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What it's like to have BPD with an INFJ personality

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

An INFJ with a personality disorder is one of the rarest and potentially most destructive individuals. Adolf Hitler embodies this character archetype. He is an example of a visionary gone evil.

The chances of you being an INFJ with a personality disorder such as BPD are very slim. I have been diagnosed with BPD and am an INFJ according to the Myers-Briggs personality indicator(MBTI). We have to consider that this could be incorrect, and even if it is correct, it does not define who I am and who you are. BPD isn't the only mental disorder that may make someone evil. Narcissistic Personality Disorder(NPD) is another example to have this result.


INFJ is the least common personality type among people according to the MBTI. INFJ's are known to be complex, deep, and critical thinkers. INFJs are out of the ordinary, with a unique set of characteristics that enable them to adapt to a variety of situations. They seek to make meaningful judgments and are led by a strong moral compass. If you're interested in learning more about the INFJ personality, I wrote an article on it and 10 famous people who have INFJ.

Since INFJ is the rarest personality in the MBTI, people are fascinated by it, even though it seems one of the most destructive personality types.

When someone with the INFJ personality develops a mental disorder, it may manifest in the most harmful way possible. They'd be stone-cold, ruthless, and calculated. They may easily abuse and manipulate others due to their ability to be charming and their understanding of people's insecurities and fears.

They'd be analytical and obsessive about something they believe is true. They would stop at nothing to accomplish their objective due to stubbornness and perfectionism. They would observe and analyze individuals to get insight into someone's insecurities while having a calm exterior and being emotionally detached.

An evil INFJ is likely to be paranoid and self-centered, with an antagonistic attitude toward the world and everyone in it. An INFJ with BPD could be compared to a psychopath.

Is every INFJ with BPD evil?

Although not every INFJ with a personality disorder is evil, they all have the potential to be. And when they are evil, they are the scariest and most dangerous people out there since you don't expect it with their demeanor.

As an INFJ with BPD myself, I can feel my potential to be evil because of the unique ability to get people to open up and let down their guard. Because of my empathic connection with others, I can not only feel but also influence other people's emotions. I'm capable of changing someone's views and emotions towards certain things. While most people like me turn away from this narcissistic behavior, it is a temptation that never goes away. That's why I refer to the potential to be evil since it feels like a choice when you are aware of it.

I can almost promise that almost every mature INFJ is capable of this degree of manipulation, whether benevolent or malevolent. Most of us just don't want to admit it or participate in it because we see the underlying risks.

I care a lot about people and how they feel. I would find it extremely difficult to hurt others. But who knows how I would act if I were put on a pedestal.

Always stay honest to yourself and catch yourself in the act when you are manipulating everybody around you. I would advise talking to a therapist once in a while if you are an INFJ with a personality disorder.

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